July 14, 2021

Which quality certificates must a supplier of retorts have?

A supplier of retorts must certify its designs, manufacturing methods and quality control following the specific regulations in the destination country.  


Although the main certificate is compliance with the pressure equipment regulation, the retort must also comply with the general safety requirements applicable to industrial machinery in general. 


CE Marking for the manufacture of pressure equipment

The European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) sets out the regulation applicable to pressure equipment destined to European Union countries.  

In addition to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), the retort CE Marking should include compliance with other European Directives (Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, etc.). 


Essential certificates for retorts beyond the EU

There are different certificates for the use of pressure equipment depending on the country where the installation is located. You must always ensure that your retort fulfils national legislation, as it will be necessary to obtain the operating permit. One of the most important certifications on the international market is that granted by ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which is essential in the American and Canadian market, and is renowned in more than one hundred countries, including Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. 

Other certifications to bear in mind are SELO, a regulation related to pressure equipment that is compulsory for the sale of such equipment in China, as well as EAC, focusing on exports to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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FDA, a must to export food products to the USA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the authority in terms of food safety in the USA. As such, it publishes basic regulations for the design and equipping of retorts that are used by its inspectors when it comes to approving food products sterilized in retorts anywhere in the world, when they are going to be sold in the USA.


Other certifications to be taken into account to guarantee the quality of the retort

As industrial equipment, many certificates give an additional guarantee, related to the design and manufacturing processes. Some of them are:

EC Directives: Related to industrial machinery and electric and electronic equipment. They are set out in the EC Declarations of Conformity that accompany the retorts. 

CSA: Voluntary certification that guarantees high standards of product quality for the Canadian market, USA, Europe and Asia, issued by the Canadian Standards Association.

UL: Certificate for the design and construction of electric and electronic components, and control cabinets. It is issued by the independent North American laboratories UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and is recognized on the international market. 

Ensuring that the retorts comply with quality certificates and directives in terms of safety is an essential aspect. Not only does it guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment, but will also save us problems when it comes to obtaining operating permits and exporting our products in the global market. 


ISO, a standard that guarantees quality management 

The ISO Certificate attests to the company's capability to meet customer requirements, with a clear focus on continuous improvement. This international standard analyses the management and control requirements of the processes, which, in the case of a retort supplier, will include the design, manufacture, sale and subsequent technical support. 

Furthermore, the ISO 9001 quality certification is a requirement for the European Pressure Equipment Directive to enable the manufacturer’s self-control of each retort, provided that the design and manufacturing procedures for each type of retort are approved and registered by a certification body (Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, OCA Cert, etc.). 


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