July 8, 2021

What should you take into account when it comes to looking for the right retort supplier?

Having the right supplier will probably make a big difference when it comes to achieving efficient processes, fulfilling delivery times and saving costs in the long term. If you are thinking about looking for a new retort supplier, there are some key aspects to be taken into consideration. Technologies and product manufacturing are important, as is the response capacity in the event of any problems. 

Esterilizador contínuo

The main elements to consider before making a decision are:


Extensive experience that guarantees quality pre-sale and post-sale guidance.

The supplier must be able to offer its customers an expert support service in all phases. This means guidance in choosing the most suitable equipment and the design of the thermal processes, as well as support in installation, commissioning, validation and subsequent maintenance of the retort. 

It is recommended to opt for suppliers with proven experience and an extensive geographic scope so as to ensure a rapid response in-person or remotely in the event of any problem. It is also interesting to bear in mind the training offered by the manufacturers, as good knowledge of the equipment will enable operators to make decisions in the event of an incident and carry out proper preventive maintenance

As for post-sale support, a good retort supplier must offer the following services internally (without outsourcing them to third parties):

  • Support service for control systems.
  • IT support system (with integration in the customer’s MES and ERP systems).
  • Mechanical support service.
  • Service to improve heat treatment.

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Reliability of the equipment based on the ratio of stoppages or process deviations

One of the most common problems in sterilization processes is stoppages in production due to incidents with the equipment or temperature, pressure or time deviations. Such situations lead to stoppages in the process and, in the worst case scenario, the withdrawal of the affected products, with the associated delays and losses

Therefore, the rate of stoppages or process deviations is a useful yardstick to assess the reliability of the retort. It is important to opt for suppliers that are also manufacturers of the equipment, as their level of quality control will be higher, which will be reflected not only in the welding and finishes, but also in the safety and control components. 

A retort designed and manufactured under strict quality controls will guarantee cost savings in the long term, as unscheduled stoppages will be avoided, maintenance or repair costs will be reduced and the useful life of all the equipment will be extended.


An experienced team of people and quality documentation

Retorts are subjected to the impact of external factors, such as the supply of steam, water, air or electricity, which may lead to problems and source is often difficult to identify. A good supplier must have an experienced technical team, capable of identifying the root of the problem and providing a rapid response, hence reducing its consequences. 

On the other hand, it is also essential to have full and quality documentation, with detailed instruction manuals that facilitate the work of operators and technical heads. The quality of the documentation accompanying the retort will speak volumes about the reliability of the supplier. 


Control components from leading brands

Opting for retorts equipped with components from leading international brands comes with major guarantees, particularly in terms of reliability and availability of spare parts. Components from leading brands guarantee an effective technical service with international cover, and an extensive stock in order to provide a rapid response. 

Control systems are key elements, responsible for the automatic operation of the retort and the constant recording of the temperature. The components, like the rest of the machinery, must be certified in accordance with ISO Standards, EC guidelines and certification related to the countries in which we operate and /or distribute our products. 

In this way, the right retort supplier must have: equipment that it has designed and manufactured, extensive knowledge of food sterilization technologies, equipment manufactured under strict quality criteria and a technical service that provides a rapid response to any problem. All of this will guarantee a successful partnership in the long term. 


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