August 12, 2021

Surdry will accompany you in the digital transformation of your retorts

Industry 4.0 has become a priority for the food sector, a must in a highly competitive global market. At Surdry, we know that the digital transformation is essential in order to increase productivity and improve energy efficiency. Therefore, our business strategy is based on innovation and continuous improvement, whilst always putting the needs of our customers as the driving force. 




We design products that facilitate the digital transformation

At Surdry, we develop software to make the digital transformation as easy as possible. Our PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems are designed to offer a rapid learning curve thanks to their simple and intuitive use. The software installed on Surdry retorts has the maximum connectivity with ERP systems and is based on world-class robust and reliable hardware. From the very first moment, we work with our customers to guarantee successful implementation

Our systems offer remote online monitoring in real time and thorough control of the process, including the management of preparation processes, electronic registration, and printing of reports, through an easy-to-use visual design. 


We constantly apply innovation to be up to date in Industry 4.0

At Surdry, we have a specialized department for the implementation of technological innovation, which enables us to continuously improve our products. For more than 20 years, we have been doing our own programming of PLC and SCADA, with updated systems to respond to the latest international recommendations in terms of cybersecurity and data protection.

To make the most of the opportunities of Industry 4.0, we are currently developing simulation software to create digital twins, which will enable the performance of the products to be predicted during the process cycle, the temperature to be determined and each preparation process to be optimized. At the same time, we are developing new environment data collection systems to evaluate the installation’s energy efficiency throughout its useful life and detect any losses due to the deterioration of the equipment or poor maintenance.


We offer you systems that increase your company’s productivity 

The retorts developed by Surdry integrate systems that enable the automation of industrial processes to move forward. These features offer greater control of the installations and the production flow, detecting errors or deviations much more quickly. Thorough control of the process provides us with valuable information to take rapid preventive and corrective actions, which turns into cost savings: waste is reduced and the use of resources is optimized.  


Technology to increase safety throughout the process

Surdry’s SCADA system enables sterilization preparation processes to be managed, deviations to be controlled, alarms to be registered and digital control of the operations to be carried out via remote and real time monitoring. This software, which is integrated in the customer’s management systems, significantly reduces risks concerning food safety and accidents at the plant, thanks to constant surveillance throughout the process.

On the other hand, our technical support service offers a remote response based on the Danish Secomea platform, which enables us to handle our customers’ incidents with worldwide coverage. This system enjoys international prestige throughout the industry thanks to its high level of cybersecurity


Solutions that respond to the needs of our customers

The innovation developed at Surdry is rooted in the daily conversations with our customers and the search for solutions to industrial and market needs. Our technical and commercial team prioritizes listening to the difficulties or challenges faced by our customers in their projects. This information, which we consider to be valuable, is passed on to Surdry’s Development Department to find innovative new solutions. 

At Surdry, we consider that the digital transformation is a priority goal for the food industry. Therefore, as leading manufacturers and suppliers of retorts at a technological level, our strategy is based on innovation and the ongoing improvement of our products. For us, Industry 4.0 is a permanent source of inspiration and opportunities to help our customers improve their production processes


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