August 21, 2023

Surdry North America shows its Continuous Sterilizer technology at Pack Expo Vegas

From September 11–13, experts from the U.S. and Spain will demonstrate how Surdry’s exclusive technology allows customers to minimize operational costs and environmental impacts. Attendees will also learn about SNA’s aftermarket program SurdryUP, which offers free preventative maintenance analyses for all customers in North America.

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Surdry North America (SNA) returns to this year’s Pack Expo from September 11–13. A team of experts from North America and Spain will be at Booth N-10717, in the Las Vegas Convention Center, introducing visitors to Surdry's new, cutting-edge 
Continuous Sterilizer technology.

This Surdry-exclusive solution promotes steam consumption savings between 30-40% and allows customers to process cans, glass bottles and pouches in the same retort equipment. It’s a key feature that allows companies to expand their businesses.

Attendees will also learn about 
SurdryUP, SNA’s program dedicated to minimizing unplanned machine downtime while enhancing the customer experience. With SurdryUP, every Surdry retort installed within the U.S., Mexico and Canada is eligible to receive a free preventative maintenance analysis annually. During their visits, SNA technicians identify parts that need replacing, review inventory levels, provide maintenance recommendations and suggest operational improvements to increase performance and safety.

“We’re very excited to present our new Continuous Sterilizer technology at Pack Expo this year. It was developed internally by Surdry and is a game changer for the retort industry,” said Julian Stauffer, CEO of SNA. “By maintaining a continuous flow of sterilization, companies will consume significantly less energy, lowering their production costs and environmental impact. Additionally, the show is a great opportunity for attendees to learn how they can take advantage of our aftermarket program SurdryUP, which was designed to alleviate the burden of machine maintenance. It allows our customers to focus on growing their businesses.”

Pack Expo Vegas is one of the largest tradeshows in North America for those working in the packaging industry. The show brings together more than 40 industries and over 2,000 exhibitors.

Surdry North America at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023
Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth N-10717
September 11–13.

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