April 5, 2023

SNA launches its new, FDA-compliant retort control system: SteriNet21

Surdry North America (SNA) has launched SteriNet21, the company’s new retort control software developed to enhance food quality control and record all food thermal processing data safely in accordance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. SteriNet21 allows the operator to verify how recipes are received and processed in retorts and remotely access all data from the sterilization process, including heat, temperature and pressure within the chambers.

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The new platform can replace or duplicate old-fashioned paper chart recorders. It digitally generates comprehensive documentation, which helps minimize the risk of compromising retort processing data for this critical food manufacturing process. The recorded data can be accessed and printed at any time. SteriNet21 provides each user with a unique traceable login and tracks any changes made during the retort process.

According to John Schulz, field service engineer at SNA, one of the most appreciated features of the new platform is its intuitiveness. Simple to install and easily customizable, SteriNet21 is compatible with all retorts currently on the market.

“SteriNet21 is a very powerful and simple software, which makes our training sessions much quicker. It also provides valuable information to operators and maintenance technicians, allowing for a quicker diagnosis of any process deviations and resulting in less unplanned downtime. Our customers are really impressed,” Schulz said.

The first SteriNet21 system in North America has been installed at a food processing facility in Missouri. Control upgrades for the remaining units in the facility have already been requested, as well as several other locations around the United States.

Surdry’s retort control platform is built on an industry-leading automation software platform known for ensuring seamless operation of manufacturing and infrastructure equipment. The software follows very high-standard regulations for data and cybersecurity.

Check out a video about Surdry’s SteriNet21 here.