April 11, 2023

Free preventative maintenance analysis for Surdry customers in North America

Surdry Urgent & Preventative (SurdryUP) provides complimentary Machine Performance Analysis for all Surdry retorts installed within the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The company’s goal is to minimize unplanned downtime and support high productivity levels.

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Unplanned machine downtime is a concern that can keep any manufacturer up late at night. It impacts productivity, can lead to product waste and foreshadows equipment repair needs. To minimize the chances of unexpected machine failure, Surdry North America (SNA) has launched Surdry Urgent & Preventative (SurdryUP), a new program that provides preventative maintenance (PM) services for any Surdry retort equipment installed within the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Every retort can receive an annual, complimentary Machine Performance Analysis (MPA) visit with SurdryUP. During these visits, SNA technicians will identify parts that need replacement, review inventory levels, make recommendations for best maintenance practices and suggest operational improvements for increased performance and safety.

“We don’t want our customers to worry about their retort operations. Surdry retorts are reliable, robust machines that require minimal maintenance. We’re stepping in to ensure proper processes are in place and retorts are operating efficiently and seamlessly, thus allowing our customers to concentrate their efforts on growing their business,” said Julian Stauffer, CEO of SNA.

Stauffer explains that while the primary focus of the program is preventative maintenance, SurdryUP can handle emergencies in rare cases where customers are faced with machine failure and need immediate assistance. However, the company expects to see a decline in the need for urgent repair services, as more customers take advantage of the SurdryUP program.

SNA experts will verify if machines are reaching and sustaining required temperatures and provide a comprehensive checklist of action points to improve retort operations. This process will help maintenance teams build a tailored plan for PM service and parts replacement that i aligns with individual operations.

To schedule a visit with a technician, customers can contact SNA through email (service@surdry.com) or phone number (+ 1 316 272 8027).